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This work on salmon, the "noble fish" and the spiritual center of our land in the Northwest, continued as she wrote a suite of salmon poems in response to a Seattle Arts Commissionís Salmon in the City Public Art project. Roche continues to write and publish essays and poems about the salmon and to speak about salmon at various conferences. Forthcoming is text to be displayed on the walls of the Cowlitz River Salmon Project.

Water Carry

Water Carry is an installation piece with artist Claudia Fitch, at a Tukwila Water treatment plant. The poetic text is sandblasted into the tile and tells the story of how the site is related to water. The text is integrated on a tile-patterned pavement and creates a "river rug."

Water Carry Judith Roche Poet Water Carry Judith Roche Poet

Salmon Suite

Salmon Suite is a series of salmon poems installed in auditory form and as a poster at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Seattle.

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Salmon Suite Poem Salmon Suite Poem Salmon Suite Poem Salmon Suite Poem Salmon Suite Poem

Hear Judith reading and talking about the poems in the video below:

Talking Wall

Talking Wall, with artist Maggie Smith, on a wall fronting a bus tunnel in Seattle, and, in collaboration with students from Chief Seath High School.

Talking Wall Judith Roche

no beginning no end

no beginning no end, with artist Jane Tsong, to be installed at the Brightwater Water Treatment Plant in North King County and consisting of a "Water Blessing" and a "Biosolid Blessing." The "Water Blessing", features letters of the text cut out of steel and mounted in a weir. "Blessing for the Biosolids," will be installed in auditory form inside the building that houses the final treatment process for the biosolids and mounted on the outside of the building.

Water Blessing

Cowlitz River Visitor Center

Cowlitz River Visitor Center, text from salmon poems to be installed on the walls of the forthcoming Cowlitz River Visitor Center

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